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Solar Pumping Inverter
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As an Expert Manufactuer , Hober Offering High Quality Solar Pump Inverter to Enhance Your Solar Pump Yield

Main Product

With our independent R&D and manufacturing, you'll receive high-quality solar pump inverters with a lower budget.

solar pumping inverter

Solar Pump Inverter

0.5 HP- 50 HP

solar pump inverter 45kw

Solar Pump Inverter

60 HP -150 HP

100kw solar pump inverter

Solar Pump Inverter

150 HP - 200HP

Engineered for Durability, Efficiency, and Reliability


Broad Pump Applications

Drive any tradional electricity water pump 


WaterProof IP65

Cost-effective, durable, and superior heat management.


Quick Install 

Easier installations, prolonged equipment lifespan, and multi-faceted safety features.



Real-time Monitoring
User-friendly interfaces for monitoring and ROI analysis.


Hign Efficiency 

Automatic MPPT for peak performance.


 Hybrid function 

Consistent 24-hour water supply and cost savings on power.

Elevating Your Business with Hober Solar Pump Inverter

Model Selection Guide

Uncertain about the ideal inverter model – 0.75kw /2.2kw /5.5kw/7.5kw/15kw –for your pump? Allow us to steer you toward the power and voltage that harmonizes with your project requirements.

Dedicated Technical Support

Have queries or concerns about our inverter? Reach out. We’re here to help to design system, whether that means addressing inquiries or dispatching an engineer to your project site for hands-on assistance.

Solution Design 

offer free design for solar water pump system solutions, which can be customized to meet the requirements of special projects.


Provide online training, as well as 24-hour online after-sales service to ensure our customers receive the support they need.


Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural irrigation are an efficient and sustainable solution for farmers and agricultural businesses. These systems harness the power of the sun to operate water pumps that can be used for irrigation, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional electricity or fuel-powered pumps.

Revolutionizing Water Supply for Human Consumption

Access to clean water is essential for human health and well-being. In many parts of the world, especially in remote and rural areas, the lack of reliable electricity infrastructure poses a significant challenge to water supply. Solar pump inverters offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution to this challenge, utilizing abundant solar energy to provide a consistent water supply for human use.





Water management

Water management for agricultural and urban use often requires the extraction of water from rivers to fill canals for irrigation, municipal supply, or aquaculture. Traditional methods rely on grid power or diesel generators, which can be costly and environmentally unsustainable. Solar pump inverters provide an innovative solution that harnesses solar energy to extract and transfer river water efficiently and reliably.

OEM/OEM Service

OEM and ODM services enable your brand

With our OEM service, we can manufacture solar pumpinverter according to your specifications, ensuring they meet your unique requirements while maintaining our high-quality standards. Our ODM service, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to choose from our existing designs that can be customized to align perfectly with your brand.


Color Design


Certification: Your Assurance of Excellence and Compliance

At Hober Factory, our commitment to quality shines through our ISO 9001 certification. 

with the IEC test report IEC62109, IEC61683, CE, and ROHS, a testament to the rigorous testing and evaluation our solar pumpinverter undergo. This report signifies our dedication to adhering to international standards for safety, performance, and quality.

Our Factory

Your Solar Solutions, Custom-Made at Our World-Class Factory

Why Choose Hober as Solar Pump Inverter Supplier

Innovative R&D: 14 years of specialized experience in developing advanced solar pump technology.

Technical Expertise: Proficient in providing comprehensive technical support, essential for manufacturing quality products.

B2B Sales Acumen: Deep understanding of business clients’ needs, with over a decade of experience in the solar pump industry.

Custom Manufacturing: Skilled in OEM/ODM services, catering to specific business requirements in branding and functionality.

Certified Quality: Holds ISO, IEC certifications, and numerous patents, affirming commitment to high manufacturing standards.

Efficient Client Support: Offers responsive and specialized support tailored for business clients.

Rigorous Quality Assurance: Implements a thorough quality control process, ensuring product excellence for business use.

Scalable Production Capacity: Equipped to handle both small and large orders efficiently, meeting diverse business demands.

User-Centric Design: Manufactures products that are easy to install and operate, enhancing value for business customers.

Recognized as a High-Tech Enterprise: Demonstrates a commitment to technological innovation and manufacturing excellence.

Fast Delivery

Quick delivery time , because hober have 4 production line ,with 50 profesional workers , and 100000 sets of products output per month


Solar Pump Inverter deserve the best protection during shipping and handling. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure your products arrive in pristine condition. Trust us to provide the packaging solutions you need to keep your products safe and secure

Product Performance

Stay in the loop and track your order from our factory to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world

What Our Client Say


I’ve been using Hober solar pump inverters for the past two years across various installations in Nairobi. They have proven to be exceptionally reliable, even in the harshest weather conditions. The build quality is impressive, ensuring that the inverters last for a long time without any significant maintenance.

Akani Makambwa
Akani Makambwa

Importer from Africa


“What sets Hober apart is their customer service and technical support. Whenever I have had queries or needed assistance, their team has been readily available to provide detailed guidance. This level of support is essential for ensuring seamless installation and operation for my clients.”

Olawale Adedayo
Olawale Adedayo

Distributor from Nigeria


“As an installer, I appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of Hober solar pump inverter . The installation process is straightforward, which saves me time and labor. Furthermore, the clear instructions and intuitive interface make it easy for my clients to operate the inverters without any technical assistance.”

Sarah Cohen
Sarah Cohen

Distributor from Australia

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