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Flexible MOQ

Uncertain about the ideal Solar pump model ? Allow us to steer you toward the Depth and flow that harmonizes with your project requirements.

Dedicated Technical Support

Have question or concerns about our solar pump ?  We’re here to help, whether that means addressing inquiries or dispatching an engineer to your project site for hands-on assistance.

OEM/ODM Experience 10+ Years

As Solar Pump Manufacturer, offer free design for solar water pump system solutions, which can be customized to meet the requirements of special projects.

Regular Technical Trainning

Provide Technical training, as well as 24-hour online after-sales service to ensure our customers receive the support they need.


Solar Water Pump (Solar Version)

Solar/Battery Input: Integrates with solar and battery sources.

Stable and Reliable Performance: Consistent, dependable operation.

Automatic MPPT: Optimizes power under various conditions.

Comprehensive Protection: Safeguards against potential issues.

OEM & ODM Services: Customization for branding and specs.

Case and Appearance: Aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Wide DC Input Voltage Range: Supports a broad voltage spectrum.

Fault Reminder: Beep alarm for fault notification.

FOC Drive: Efficient, advanced pump control.

Pump Compatibility: Supports BLDC and PMSM pumps.

AC&DC Solar Water Pump (Hybrid version)

Dual Input (DC/AC): Ensures reliability under various power conditions.

Stable Performance: Consistently reliable operation.

Automatic MPPT: Simplifies usage and optimizes efficiency.

Comprehensive Protection: Guards against a range of electrical issues.

Wide Voltage Range: Compatible with different pump voltages.

Fault Reminder: Quick fault identification with beep alarms.

Long Lifespan: Designed for extended durability.

Customizable OEM & ODM Services: Tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

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Hobertek.com specializes in designer and manufacturer of solar pump, offering advanced technology, efficient technical support, customized products, and comprehensive services with a strong focus on quality and innovation.

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Project Case Studies

Hober serve a variety of customers including distributors, installers, traders, retailers, importers, and brand owners.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have made the switch to our solutions and experience the benefits of sustainable energy today.

Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural irrigation are an efficient and sustainable solution for farmers and agricultural businesses. These systems harness the power of the sun to operate water pumps that can be used for irrigation, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional electricity or fuel-powered pumps.

Revolutionizing Water Supply for Human Consumption

Access to clean water is essential for human health and well-being. In many parts of the world, especially in remote and rural areas, the lack of reliable electricity infrastructure poses a significant challenge to water supply. Solar pump inverters offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution to this challenge, utilizing abundant solar energy to provide a consistent water supply for human use.





Water management

Water management for agricultural and urban use often requires the extraction of water from rivers to fill canals for irrigation, municipal supply, or aquaculture. Traditional methods rely on grid power or diesel generators, which can be costly and environmentally unsustainable. Solar pump inverters provide an innovative solution that harnesses solar energy to extract and transfer river water efficiently and reliably.

Fast Delivery

Quick delivery time , because hober have 4 manufacature production line ,with 50 profesional workers , and 100000 sets of products output per month


Solar Pump deserve the best protection during shipping and handling. Trust us to provide the packaging solutions you need to keep your products safe and secure

Global Shipping

Stay in the loop and track your order from our factory to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the world


What Our Client Say


“Partnering with Hober revolutionized our Solar Pump product line, boosting our sales by 30% within the first year”

Akani Makambwa
Akani Makambwa

Importer from South African


“The performance of Hober solar pump is commendable. They efficiently convert solar energy to power water pumps, and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in energy loss compared to other Solar Pump . This efficiency is crucial for my customers who rely on solar energy to reduce their operational costs.”

Olawale Adedayo
Olawale Adedayo

Distributor from africa


“Their exceptional support and product quality have significantly enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty in our market.”

Sarah Cohen
Sarah Cohen

Distributor from Australia

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