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Warranty & Commitment:

  • Free warranty: Solar pump inverters warranty is 2 years. All pumps warranty is 1 year & DC pump controllers warranty is 1.5 years.

  • Quality problems occur in warranty period, maintenance or replacement cost covered by Hober.

  • Out of the warranty period, Hober provides lifelong maintenance service, but customers required to pay the material cost and logistic cost.

  • Defect Inverter can be returned within 1 month from ship date.

The sample can be sent to you within 3-5 days.

The batch order can be shipped to you within 10 days after order confirmation.


Solar AC pump system includes solar panels, solar pump inverter, AC pump.

Solar DC pump system includes solar panels, solar DC pump controller, DC pump.


Solar panels generate DC power, solar pump inverter convert DC power into AC power to drive the AC pump.

Need to provide following information:

1)the depth of well 

2)the vertical and horizontal distance from well to tank

3)water flow liters or cubic meters needs per hour/day

4)have existing pump? Yes/no . If yes, provide pump’s power , voltage , phase 

5)have borehole ? yes/no. If yes, provide the diameter of borehole

Inverter phase and voltage must be match to pump.

Inverter power size recommend a little bigger then pump. 

For example,  3kw pump use 3.7kw inverter, 4kw pump use 5.5kw inverter.

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