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Since 2009, Hobertek has been focusing ONLY on solar and has iterated and developed much faster than European corporations making our systems more reliable on Africa, Middle East and South America soil.  We are committed to quality products, warranty and honest, friendly and respectful support. 

Also, cutting out multiple middlemen in the process has made our systems cheaper for our customers without sacrificing quality. Bulk discount is available for distributors.

Trust your business to true experts. Hober is not only a solar water manufacturer, but also a life time partner.

Product Advantage

Latest MPPT technology

MPPT Function maximum solar arrays'output all the time. Without MPPT function, the power of solarpanels will be not using 100%.

Full automatic design

30% more water output with advanced inverter control algorithm Maximum PowerPoint tracking efficiency reach 99% with advanced MPPT algorithm

No need programming

Hober Solar pump inverter is efficient which get 5%-10% higher than orther inverter which need programming.

Easy installation & Operations

Operate & maintain GPRS or SPMCS remote control via mobile or computer. It's User-friendly to one key startup and stop.

Revolutionary Products

The genuine products all produced with dedication and innovation in our own factory.

Solar Pump Inverter


Solar Pump


 Solar Surface Pump


Small water supply

Solar DC Pump


Small water supply

Solar DC Pump


Small water supply

Day and night

Solar AC Submersible Pump


Boreholes, big irrigation

Day and night

Solar Pumping Accessories


Solar pumping system offer smarter and viable ways to deliver reliable water supply for farm, households, Schools and Communities. In addition to reducing energy costs to zero, operating costs are also extremely low.

Solar Powered AC Pump

Hybrid power input, wide power range, good qanlity materials, quick installation, wide range of input voltage, easy operations,the best protection

Solar Pump(BLDC)

Low investment, easy operation, Intelligent controller, brushless & sensorless dc pump , high efficiency , easy installation & operation…

Hober - Top-rated Solar Water Pump Manufacturer


Hober devoted to solar pump for 14 years, Hober has a strong Research &Development and technical service team which focus on innovation and make us be the leader of lastest technology.


Hober is a professional manufacture of solar pump inverters/controllers and certified to the ISO9001 quality management system.


Hober customize every clients’ system as their request, and our clients’ sysytem will be assembled by agents.


Our support include : Local training; Local technical Supporting for Installation & after sale service and Maximum 25 years warranty.


More certifications available to meet your market standard.

Mastering the Leading Technology


MTTP Technology

  • 30% more efficiency than PWM
  • Power halved operation at night
  • Almost no current loss


Solar Technology

  • All-in-one or split solar-powered
  • LED display of Input Voltage
  • Automatic MPPT Function


Inverter Technology

  • Fully Automatic
  • Soft start to drive the pump
  • Auto controller to increase efficiency

Application Projects

Hober has rich experience to offer high cost-effective products and integrated energy solutions. In the past 11 years, the solar products are used in over 70+ countries and areas.

4KW Solar Pump System
500W DC Pump
7.5KW Solar Pump System
110KW Solar Pump System
15KW Solar Pumping System
15KW Solar Pump System

About us

Founded in 2009, Hober Techology Co.,Ltd (Abbr. Hober) is a professional manufacturer of solar pump inverter/controller in the IEC standards and certified to the ISO9001 quality management system.

As a leading supplier with outstanding products and services, Hober has a strong Research & Development and technical service team which focus on innovation and make us be the leader of latest technology. Well-trained engineers are ready to offer customers all-around back-ups including professional solutions, technical trainings and pre-sales & after-sales service support.

Lifetime Value, Water Assurance, Warranty Coverage, Dedicated Engineering Support

Let the Sun work for you!

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