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Solar Water Purifier

Solar Water Purifier

Solar water purifier amalgamate the technology of solar variable frequency drives, batteries, solar MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charging, energy storage, and RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtration. This system facilitates water purification round-the-clock, powered by solar energy.

Deep-wells serve as the primary water sources in rural areas. However, the water procured from these sources is often unsafe and contaminated. This system employs reverse osmosis membrane technology to address this issue. The working principle involves applying a specific pressure to the water, enabling water molecules and ionic mineral elements to traverse through the reverse osmosis membrane. Simultaneously, a vast majority of inorganic salts (including heavy metals), organics, bacteria, and viruses dissolved in water are restrained from passing through the reverse osmosis membrane, ensuring a stringent separation between the permeated purified water and the permeated concentrated water. This system is portable and adaptable to remote or rural settings, with the flexibility of being powered by either AC supply or solar energy.

Solar Water Purifier for Drinking Water

♦ Desktop integrated direct drinking water purifier
♦ Support outdoor and indoor
♦ Support solar input and DC 24V input
♦ Built-in lithium iron phosphate battery, can run continuously for 4 hours (full charge)
♦ The four-stage filter element design , filter out all kinds of turbidity, sand and impurities in the water, remove peculiar smell and residual chlorine in the water; effectively filter out heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances, and improve the taste of water, etc. 。

Structure Diagram in a Solar Water Purifier

1. Raw Water Tank
2. Machine
3. Water Pan
4. Water outlet
5. Control panel
6. Led display and touch key
7. Pre-carbon filter
8. RO Filter
9. PP Cotton filter
10. Post activated carbon filter
11. Solar or DC power input

Condiderations when buying Solar Water Purifier

1. Technology Employed:
RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), and UF (Ultrafiltration) are prevalent technologies. Evaluate the specific purification needs and ascertain which technology or combination thereof is most pertinent.
2. Energy Efficiency:
Evaluate the energy efficiency of the solar purifier to ensure minimal energy wastage. The integration of MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology can be a notable factor.
3. Water Quality:
Assess the quality of the water in the intended area of use. The presence of heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants will dictate the type of purification technology required.
4. System Capacity:
The capacity of the purifier to process water within a specific timeframe is crucial. Ascertain that the capacity aligns with the demand.
5. Maintenance:
Consider the maintenance requisites, the availability of replacement parts, and the ease of service to ensure the system remains operational over time.
6. Cost:
Scrutinize the initial investment, operational cost, and the ROI (Return on Investment) to ensure it aligns with the budgetary allocations.
7. Certifications and Standards Compliance:
Verify that the solar water purifier complies with pertinent health, safety, and quality standards. Certifications from reputable bodies can be a testament to the system’s reliability and efficacy.
8. Brand Reputation and Warranty:
Opt for reputable brands offering robust warranty terms to safeguard the investment.
9. Installation and Operational Ease:
Evaluate the ease of installation, operation, and whether the system comes with a user-friendly interface.
10. Support and After-sales Service:
Consider the availability of customer support and after-sales service to address any concerns post-purchase.
11. Portability and Design:
If the purifier is intended for use in multiple locations or in remote areas, portability and a robust design are important factors.
12. Local Regulations and Compliance:
Ensure the system complies with local regulations and standards, especially if it’s to be utilized in a commercial or public setting.
13. Environmental Impact:
Consider the environmental footprint of the solar water purifier, including its recyclability and the materials used in its construction.

Why Choose Hober Solar Water Purifier ?

At Hober, we’re dedicated to enhancing your business . Our unparalleled expertise in the solar industry sets us apart from the rest. The success of your venture hinges on product quality, and we’re your reliable source for excellence, ensuring your solar water project’s success.

  • Solar Power: Uses solar energy, saving on electricity bills and being eco-friendly.
  • Advanced Purification: Might use modern technologies like RO, UV for clean and safe water.
  • Easy to Use: Possibly user-friendly with simple installation and operation.
  • Durable: Could be robustly designed for long-term use.
  • Support: May offer good customer support and warranty.
  • Cost-Effective: Initial cost could be offset by energy savings and low maintenance.
  • Eco-Friendly: Supports environmental sustainability by utilizing solar energy.

Application for Installing a Solar Water Purifier

Rural and Remote Areas:

This system is particularly beneficial in rural and remote areas where the main source of water may be contaminated, and electricity supply is unreliable or unavailable.

Humanitarian Aid and Development Projects:

In regions affected by natural disasters, conflict, or lacking infrastructure, solar water treatment systems can provide a lifeline, ensuring access to clean, safe water.

Agricultural and Livestock Farming:

Clean water is essential for agriculture and livestock farming. These systems can provide a sustainable solution to water purification needs in such settings.

Healthcare Facilities and Educational Institutions:

In healthcare and educational settings, particularly in under-resourced areas, these systems can provide a reliable source of clean water, promoting health and well-being.

Off-grid Communities and Eco-friendly Developments:

Solar water treatment systems align well with the values and needs of off-grid communities and eco-friendly developments, providing a sustainable water purification solution.

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