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Features & Advantages

Solar Pumping  Inverter: also called Solar Pump Controller/ Solar Pump Driver, converts the DC power from solar panel into AC power , then variable speed/frequency and drive the AC motor water pumps ( submersible pump, centrifugal pump , swimming pool pump, etc.)

The Input Voltage of solar DC power can be 80~450v ,  180~900v,   AC Input 220/380v   (1phase/single phase  220v range : 187 ~276v ,  3phase 380v range: 323v ~ 506v )

The Output AC: 1phase/3phase  220~240v, 3phase 380~ 440v,  frequency 1~50/60hz

Build in the MPPT Function to maximize the output power of the PV array(solar panel). Max efficiency to 98%.

Power Range: 1hp= 750w,  support 0.37hp ~ 150hp AC water pump.

Application: pumping the water from deep boreholes , rivers, lakes and other water sources without electricity

Hybrid Power Input

Solar power as priority and AC power as supplement Input/disconnect Automatically for pump running at rated flow (morning, evening, cloudy days): solar 20%+ AC 80% → solar 40% +ac 60% → solar 60% + AC 40% → Solar 100% + AC 0%(AC Disconnect automatic)

Good Design & Quality

Wide range input voltage (80~ 900v), booster inside for 0.37~ 2hp, support pump power range: 0.37 ~150hp, quick installation, stainless box, ip68 fan, Ip65 waterproof, Lcd display of all parameters, keyboard for parameters showing and configure

Good Services

IEC 62109/61683 certificate with CNAS stamp, owning intellectual property rights, software /hardware /box all designed by ourselves, local technical training, online technical supporting. Quality Warranty max to 5 years. Free parts for after sale services.

Appearance & Socket

Solar Mc4 & Aviation plug for quick installation of inverter,  Ip68 fan working underwater, LCD 128*64  + English display

Esc, Up, Down, Enter for page showing and parameter continual,

Rs232 for 4g/Wi-Fi remote control/monitoring module, Tank/ Borehole Sensor quick installation Socket

One-key for startup/stop (On/Off button or ESC key)

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Kenya Customer

Thanks a lot, i love hober, solar aerator are 270w and the motor is 4kw, it pumps almost upto 6pm in the evening.

Sudan Customer

With the least amount of money to solve the problem of water, the system only 500 watts, we’re happy.

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