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With 14 years at the forefront, we’re the global supplier of solar water pump system ,it is uses sunlight to power a water pump. It consists of solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity, a pump, and often a controller. The energy generated by the panels powers the pump, which then moves water for irrigation, livestock, or domestic use. This eco-friendly system reduces reliance on conventional electricity sources, making it ideal for remote or off-grid locations.
dc solar pump system

Solar DC Pump System

Hybrid Solar DC Pump System

solar ac pumping system

Hybrid Solar Pump System

solar booster water pump system

Solar Booster Pump System

hober solar surface pump system

Solar Surface Pump System

Solar Surface Pump System

solar surface pump system

Solar Pump System

solar sump pumping system

Solar Sump Pump System

What Are Solar Water Pump System Used For?

Pumping water for agriculture irrigation 

Supply water for livestock 

Water Supply for home use and communities 

Remote area Water Pumping 

Water treatment and related projects.

Pond Management

Only Hober Have 

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Different Needs, Different Systems

design system sevice

Focus on solar pump solution

Condiderations when buying Solar Water Pump System

System Capacity

Determine the amount of water you need to pump daily and the height it needs to be pumped to.

technical support

Technical Support

 installation assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

solar pump solution

Efficiency & Durability

 better performance and energy savings in the long run.

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Cost & ROI

Evaluate the cost of the system against its potential return on investmen

hober solar puming system

Customization Options

specific design adjustments

Hober Certificate

Warranty & Certifications

 strong warranty and necessary certifications 

More Hober Can do for You

At Hober, we are committed to exceeding standard delivery by offering exceptional customer service. We take pride in delivering timely support

solar pump system

Model Selection Guide

Uncertain about the ideal models –for your solar Water Irrigation system ? Allow us to steer you toward the flow and depth need that harmonizes with your project requirements.

Dedicated Technical Support

Have queries or concerns about our inverter? Reach out. We’re here to help to design system, whether that means addressing inquiries or dispatching an engineer to your project site for hands-on assistance.

Solution Design 

offer free design for solar water pump system solutions, which can be customized to meet the requirements of special projects.


Provide online training, as well as 24-hour online after-sales service to ensure our customers receive the support they need.

Why Choose Hober Solar Water Pumping System ?

At Hober, we’re dedicated to enhancing your business with the solar pump system. Our unparalleled expertise in the solar industry sets us apart from the rest. The success of your venture hinges on product quality, and we’re your reliable source for excellence, ensuring your solar pump project’s success.

Fast Shipping, Flexible Minimum Order Quantity
One-stop Solar Pump solutions
20+ patents about inverter and pump Technical
OEM/ODM experience 10+ years
Regular technical trainning
High efficient sales team with Professional experienced

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Solar Water Pump System

Whether you’re considering importing solar pump system for your projects or seeking wholesale distribution in your local market, reach out to us. Contact us to acquire the product that perfectly aligns with your operational requirements.

Table of Contents

Components of a Solar Water Pump System

Solar Water Pump System is a comprehensive solution that typically consists of multiple components to efficiently harness solar energy and convert it into mechanical energy to pump water

Solar Panels (Photovoltaic Panels)
Solar Water Pump Inverter
Water Pump
Mounting Structures
PV Combiner box
Solar cable and pump cable
Pipes and Hoses
Storage Tanks
Filters and Water Treatment (if necessary)
Eletricity reactor

How to maintence solar pump system ?

Hober Solar Pump system Vedio

Features of Hober Solar water Pump System

Latest Technology:

Hober integrates the newest advancements, ensuring high performance and efficiency.

Sturdy and Durable:

Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, especially beneficial for regions like Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Excellent Sales and After-sales Service:

Hober provides comprehensive support, ensuring customer satisfaction before and after the purchase.

Customization & OEM Services:

Tailor-made solutions catering to specific requirements. Hober offers OEM services and free design drawings, ensuring a perfect fit for every client.

Fast Delivery & Flexible MOQ:

Meet client demands promptly, with flexible minimum order quantities to cater to businesses of all sizes.

Certified Technology:

The Hober Solar Water Pump System comes with necessary technology certifications, guaranteeing quality and adherence to international standards.

Wide Export Reach:

With a strong presence in Africa, Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia, Hober has a broad and diverse market footprint.

Efficient Pump Inverter:

Specifically designed to maximize water pumping using solar power, resulting in significant energy savings.

Reliable Suppliers for High-Quality Solar Pump Accessories:

Hober collaborates with trusted suppliers, ensuring every component of the system, from inverters to minor accessories, meets the highest standards of quality.

8 Years of Rich System Experience:

With nearly a decade in the industry, Hober brings extensive experience and expertise in solar water pump systems, ensuring top-notch solutions for every client.

Solar Water Pump System: Key Inquiry Points

1.Current Setup:

Do you have an existing water pump?

Is your water source from a borehole or river?

Do you already have solar panels? If so, provide the VMP and VOC details.

2.Water Pumping Details:

Specify the head and water flow requirements.

What are your daily water usage, borehole depth, and maximum distance from the water source to the consumption location?

3.Accessories & Components:

Are there specific requirements for pump or panel size, type, or mounting?

Any preferences for system monitoring or control?

Note the main accessories needed, like pump cable, solar cable, PV combiner box, etc.

4.Installation & System Configurations:

Please provide your latitude and longitude for solar bracket quotations.

Distance from pump to inverter for reactor quotation.

Expected timeline for system installation and commissioning.

Any specific environmental conditions or additional features (e.g., remote monitoring, hybrid input)?

5.Order & Delivery:

State the desired models and quantities for price quotation.

Preferred terms of trade (EXW, FOB, or CIF).

Do you have a shipping agent or need delivery arrangements (air, sea, courier)?

Receiver’s address and ZIP code for shipping cost estimation.

6.Payment & Costs:

Your preferred payment terms among TT, Western Union, PayPal, LC, or Alibaba trade assurance.

Budgetary constraints or specific budget for the system.

7.Order Turnaround:

Sample order lead time is 1-3 days, while bulk orders take 7-14 days.

Solar Water Pump System design Process

How to Choose a Solar Water Pump System Components Supplier

  • Product Quality & Certifications:
  • Prioritize suppliers providing high-quality components with relevant certifications and adherence to international standards.
  • Reputation & Experience:
  • Choose suppliers with a strong track record and positive reviews in the solar industry.
  • Range of Products & Customization:
  • Opt for suppliers offering a broad product range and the ability to cater to specific customization requirements.
  • After-sales Support:
  • Ensure robust after-sales services, including warranty and technical assistance.
  • Technical Expertise:
  • The supplier should possess a knowledgeable team for technical support and recommendations.

How to control Solar Pump System Quality

Do 3 times 100% quality inspection and testing  , checking in the semi-finished product as frist time , completed products with full load testing for second time, finished products aging test before packing as third time , what we do is guarantee the quality to meet your satisfaction.

What is certificate we have for Solar Pump solution ?

All kind of certificates to meet Goverment tender requirements and import customs clearance requirements

Factory ISO9001 qualified, product CE/ROHS/IEC certified

How we guarantee the shipment ?

We use high-quality shock-proof packaging materials to ensure the safety of products during transportation.
All goods are insured to ensure financial compensation if damaged or lost during transportation.
By working with reputable logistics partners, we ensure timely and safe delivery.
Customers can monitor the progress of the order in real time through the tracking number provided.
Each system will undergo a comprehensive quality inspection before shipment.
We provide all necessary documents to ensure smooth shipping and customs clearance process.
Our customer support team is always ready to resolve all shipping related issues.
Based on demand, customers can choose from various shipping options including Express, air shipping , Sea shipping 

Some companies and projects we have worked with

What is other customer 's feedback about Hober Inverter ?

What is common problem for solar pump system?

1 whether the pump is running reversed
2 whether solar panel is enough, solar panel watts = pump power x 1.3~1.5
3 whether the pump head is meet the requirement
4. whether weather is good, there should be strong sunshine
5. whether well have enough water
6. whether each string of solar panel are same power, voltage and current, use the meter to check it .

Hober's After-sales Service for Solar Pump Systems

  • Dedicated Customer Support:
  • Establish a dedicated helpline or email support system to address customer queries promptly.
  • Warranty & Replacement:
  • Offer a comprehensive warranty on the solar pump system. Ensure a smooth and quick process for parts replacement when necessary.
  • Regular Maintenance Check-ups:
  • Schedule periodic maintenance visits to ensure the solar pump system’s optimal functioning, especially in areas with harsh environmental conditions.
  • Training & Guidance:
  • Provide training sessions for customers, ensuring they understand the system’s operation, basic troubleshooting, and maintenance.
  • Remote Monitoring & Assistance:
  • Implement remote monitoring tools to check the system’s performance and assist in real-time if issues arise.
  • Feedback Collection:
  • Actively seek customer feedback post-installation. Use this valuable input to enhance product quality and service delivery.
  • Supply of Spare Parts:
  • Maintain an inventory of essential spare parts. This ensures minimal downtime for customers in case of component failures.
  • Online Resources:
  • Develop a repository of online resources like FAQs, video tutorials, and manuals to empower customers to solve minor issues independently.
  • Service Network Expansion:
  • Establish service centers or collaborate with local partners in the main export areas to provide faster on-ground support.
  • Continuous Communication:
  • Engage with customers through newsletters, product updates, and maintenance reminders, fostering long-term relationships.

In Summary

Hober solar pump inverter, renowned for their good quality and high performance,, For new buyers, choosing the right pump inverter can pose a challenge.

Hober, a prominent manufacturer, delivers unmatched quality in solar pump inverter products. Our comprehensive service guarantees from selection through to delivery, positioning hober as the prime choice for high-gradeinverter needs.

Furthermore, we can produce customized samples tailored to your specifications in most cases, ensuring you receive the inverter you require.

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