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Solar pumping system offer smarter and viable ways to deliver reliable water supply for farm, households, Schools and Communities. In addition to reducing energy costs to zero, operating costs are also extremely low especially in solar agricultural water pumping system . This, ultimately, is what keeps the solar pumping solution economically sustainable and in operation long term.


MPPT algorithm for submersible pump , PID algorithm for surface pump.

MPPT algorithm

Hober Technology MPPT multi criteria method is a patent algorithm of dynamic VI maximum power point tracking, which has fast response speed and good operation stability. It can make full use of solar energy to solve the problem of poor tracking effect and unstable operation of the traditional MPPT method when the sunlight intensity changes rapidly, even causing water hammer danger, and prolonging the service life of the system.

PID  algorithm 

The controller’s PID algorithm restores the measured speed to the desired speed with minimal delay and overshoot by increasing the power output of the engine.

FOC Driver

A solar DC pump controller with Field-Oriented Control (FOC) driver technology is an advanced electronic device used in solar pumping systems. It is designed to precisely control brushless DC motors of solar pumps, providing high efficiency and optimized performance.

Key features of a Solar DC Pump Controller with FOC Driver:

High Efficiency:
FOC technology allows for efficient operation of the pump’s motor by aligning the current vector with the magnetic field vector, which reduces energy losses and improves overall efficiency.

Optimized Performance:
Through real-time adjustments, the FOC driver ensures optimal torque control and speed regulation, which can result in consistent water flow even under varying sunlight conditions.

Energy Management:
The controller maximizes the use of available solar energy, converting it effectively to power the pump, which is particularly beneficial in off-grid applications where energy conservation is critical.

Reliable Operation:
By employing FOC, the controller ensures the motor operates smoothly with less noise and vibration, which can lead to a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance needs.

Versatile Application:
Suitable for various types of solar water pumps, including submersible, surface, and booster pumps, and can be used in irrigation, community water supply, and livestock watering.

Intelligent Control:
The controller often includes features such as soft start, dry run protection, and automatic restart, which protect the pump and motor from potential damage.

User-Friendly Interface

Hybrid DC and AC input , solar priority

Solar power and AC power hybrid input at the same time , and the solar power is priority. When the solar power insufficient, AC power will be supplement rest power automatically , and inverter shows hybrid on; when the solar power recovery, the inverter will automatically only take power from solar power, and LCD screen shows hybrid off..

The hybrid function is to solve the situations that solar power insufficient or no output in the early morning, evening and rainy days, but required the pump output rated water.

Solar pump inverter protection

The best protection of solar pumping inverter by ARM cpu: Solar input + ,- reverse input,  ac output wire disconnect/ pump  disconnect, pump coil or Pump Wire short Circuit, Pump Over Current (blocked running or Check value stopped by hurge pressure)or Over Rated Power of Inverter,  no water input to the pump(pump dry run), Solar low power output at morning and Evening .,etc

Comprehensive Protections:

Soft start

DC Input Anti-reverse

AC Input/Output Phase lost(3Phase)

AC Output Short Circuit

AC Output Unbalance (3Phase)

Pump Dry run protection By sensor/ software

Water Over Flow of Tank

Solar Low power

Over Load

AC Output Over Current

SPMCS remote monitoring

Solar Pumping Monitor Control System: The eye on solar pumping inverter , remote controll & monitoring all of information, support android & ios app, website .., Support Gprs/3g/4g/wifi model, Realtime data/chart monitoring of inverter’s running information,  Control the inverter RUN/STOP,  Export running information chart,  Config the parameters of inverter

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