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Solar Surface Pump

Solar Surface Pump

Solar Surface Pump is a type of water pump powered by solar energy, specifically designed to draw water from sources located at or near the ground surface, such as rivers, lakes, shallow wells, or ponds. Unlike submersible pumps, which are designed to be submerged in water (often deep wells), surface pumps are positioned above ground and are used to move water across relatively short vertical distances.
BLDC Solar Surface Pump
Solar Swimming Pool Pump
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What Are Solar Surface Pump application ?

  • Irrigation: In agriculture, where water is pumped from a nearby river or pond to irrigate fields.
  • Livestock watering: Drawing water from a source to supply troughs or tanks.
  • Domestic water supply: In scenarios where groundwater sources are shallow.
  • Garden fountains, ponds, or landscape features.

Hober Solar Surface Pump Benefits 

Eco-friendly: Solar surface pumps, being powered by sunlight, reduce carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

Cost Savings and low Maintenance: After the initial investment, users can experience significant savings compared to diesel or grid-powered pumps.

Remote Operation: Solar surface pumps are ideal for remote areas where access to grid electricity is either unreliable or non-existent.

Reliability: Quality solar pumps from reputable manufacturers are designed for durability and can operate reliably for many years.

Automatic Operation: Many solar pumps are equipped with sensors to start and stop the pump based on sunlight availability and water source levels.

Condiderations when buying Solar Surface Pump

Solar Pump Controller
Good Quality and High efficiency 

Water Source 

Different Flow/Depth ,Different Pump

Automatic MPPT
no need programming

Water Sensor

Dry-run protection by software or sensor

More Than a Solar Surface Pump Manufacturer

At Hober, we are committed to exceeding standard delivery by offering exceptional customer service. We take pride in delivering timely support, adhering to high ISO 9001 standards , and providing quality product to your high level needs. This commitment to excellence has solidified our reputation as a premier manufacturer of solar booster pump

Model Selection Guide

Uncertain about the ideal Solar pump model ? Allow us to steer you toward the Depth and flow that harmonizes with your project requirements.

Dedicated Technical Support

Have question or concerns about our solar pump ?  We’re here to help to design system, whether that means addressing inquiries or dispatching an engineer to your project site for hands-on assistance.

Solution Design 

offer free design for solar water pump system solutions, which can be customized to meet the requirements of special projects.


Provide online training, as well as 24-hour online after-sales service to ensure our customers receive the support they need.

Why Choose Hober Solar Surface Pump ?

At Hober, we’re dedicated to enhancing your business with the solar surface pump . Our unparalleled expertise in the solar industry sets us apart from the rest. The success of your venture hinges on product quality, and we’re your reliable source for excellence, ensuring your solar pump project’s success.

Fast Shipping, Flexible Minimum Order Quantity
One-stop Solar Pump solutions
20+ patents about inverter and pump Technical
OEM/ODM experience 10+ years
Regular technical trainning
High efficient sales team with Professional experienced

Advantages of Solar Surface Pump

Surface Water Pump

  • High-Efficiency Motor: Utilizing a permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor, efficiency is boosted by 15%-20%. This not only conserves energy but also reduces the need for additional solar panels.

  • Durable Rotor Shaft: Constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel, the rotor shaft minimizes the risk of breakage.

  • Quality Impeller: Made from copper for enhanced durability and performance.

  • Reliable Bearing: Features Japanese NSK brand bearings, ensuring an extended operational lifespan and heightened reliability.

  • Robust Mechanical Seal: The use of alloy in the mechanical seal offers increased longevity and trustworthiness.

  • Heat-Resistant Wiring: The enameled wiring is composed of 180°C high-temperature-resistant copper, and is rated at insulation class F.

  • Precision-Crafted Stator and Rotor: Made from cold-rolled 600 silicon steel sheets for optimal efficiency.

  • High-Temperature Magnet: Incorporating 40SH aluminum iron boron material, this magnet offers temperature resistance up to 150℃.

  • Smart Water Shortage Protection: The system is equipped with an intelligent mechanism to detect water scarcity. If the well is dry, the program will halt operations automatically and resume after a 30-minute interval.

Solar Pump Controller (FOC Driver)

Optimized Energy Use: It efficiently harnesses the variable solar energy to ensure consistent pump operation, even under fluctuating sunlight conditions.

Protection: Protects the pump from potential issues such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, and dry run conditions.

Extended Pump Life: By managing start-up and operational parameters, it reduces wear and tear, potentially prolonging the pump’s lifespan.

Battery Integration: If the system uses batteries, the controller can manage charging and discharging, ensuring optimal battery life and performance.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): Some advanced controllers come with MPPT, which ensures the pump operates at the solar panel’s maximum power output, further improving efficiency.

Water Management: Can be programmed to manage water storage, ensuring tanks don’t overflow and sufficient water is always available.

Reduced Maintenance: By optimizing operations and providing protection features, the controller can reduce the frequency and extent of maintenance required.

User-Friendly Interface: Many controllers provide real-time data on pump performance, solar output, and system health, allowing users to monitor and adjust settings as needed.

Flexibility: Allows for system expansion or integration with other systems, such as irrigation controllers or water treatment systems.

Energy Savings: By utilizing solar energy efficiently and reducing reliance on grid electricity or fuel-powered generators, it can lead to significant energy savings.

Whether you’re considering importing solar pump for your projects or seeking wholesale distribution in your local market, reach out to us. Contact us to acquire the product that perfectly aligns with your operational requirements.

How to choose Solar Surface Pump Model ?

Solar surface booster pump
 Confirm the Below informations of user to Choose a pump.
a. Suction < 2 m
b. The Head of Pump= Horizontal distance(pump to water output pipe )/10 + tank high


c. Flow = The Flow Requirement per day /6 hours

How to control Solar booster Pump Quality

Do 3 times 100% quality inspection and testing throughout bulk producting , checking in the semi-finished product as frist time , completed products with full load testing for second time, finished products aging test before packing as third time , what we do is guarantee the quality to meet your satisfaction.

How we guarantee the shipment ?

1. We use high-quality shock-proof packaging materials to ensure the safety of products during transportation.
2. All goods are insured to ensure financial compensation if damaged or lost during transportation.
3. By working with reputable logistics partners, we ensure timely and safe delivery.
4. Customers can monitor the progress of the order in real time through the tracking number provided.
5. Each inverter will undergo a comprehensive quality inspection before shipment.
6. We provide all necessary documents to ensure smooth shipping and customs clearance process.
7. Our customer support team is always ready to resolve all shipping related issues.
8. Based on demand, customers can choose from various shipping options including Express, air shipping , Sea shipping 

What is other customer 's feedback about Hober solar pump ?

How do we provide after-sales service for solar pump ?

Customer Support: We have a dedicated customer support team and a whatsapp to assist you promptly with any questions or concerns you may have.

Warranty Information: We ensure clear communication of warranty terms and conditions at the time of purchase so that you understand what is covered and for how long.

Maintenance Guidelines: We provide you with maintenance guidelines and schedules to help you keep your solar pump system in good condition.

Technical Support: Our team is here to offer technical support to troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely.

Field Service: When necessary, we dispatch our field service technicians to your location to diagnose and repair more complex issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

Spare Parts Availability: We maintain an inventory of commonly needed spare parts for quick replacement in case of component failures.

Training: We offer training sessions and materials to help you understand the operation and maintenance of your solar pump system.

Regular Check-Ins: We periodically check in with you to inquire about system performance and address any emerging concerns. Our proactive approach is aimed at preventing issues from escalating.

Feedback Collection: We encourage you to provide feedback on your experiences with our after-sale service.

Repairs and Replacements: We honor warranties by promptly repairing or replacing faulty components or systems, as outlined in our warranty terms. Your satisfaction is our priority.

In Summary

Hober solar pump inverter, renowned for their good quality and high performance,, For new buyers, choosing the right pump inverter can pose a challenge.

Hober, a prominent manufacturer, delivers unmatched quality in solar pump inverter products. Our comprehensive service guarantees from selection through to delivery, positioning hober as the prime choice for high-gradeinverter needs.

Furthermore, we can produce customized samples tailored to your specifications in most cases, ensuring you receive the inverter you require.

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