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Solar pump inverter cabinet

Solar pump inverter cabinet

Solar Pump Inverter Cabinet is a specially designed cabinet that houses the solar pump inverter and its associated components. The solar pump inverter is a crucial device that converts the DC power generated by solar panels into AC power, which is then used to drive water pumps for irrigation or other applications.

Solar pump inverter cabinet

18.5kw -200kw

What Are Solar pump inverter cabinets can do ?

  • Residential potable water supply
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Desertification control
  • Animal husbandry water supply
  • Freshwater supply for sea islands
  • Livestock watering solutions
  • Water treatment and related projects.

Advantages of Solar Pump Inverter Cabinet

Robust Protection:

  • Protects against environmental threats like dust, moisture, and UV rays.
  • Defends against physical damage, vandalism, and tampering.


Thermal Management:

  • Equipped with cooling or ventilation for preventing overheating.


Organized Setup:

  • Promotes tidy wiring and connections.
  • Makes maintenance and troubleshooting straightforward.


Aesthetically Pleasing:

  • Offers a professional and clean appearance.


Safety Measures:

  • Features like locks prevent unauthorized access.
  • Some designs include electrical safety measures like grounding.


Flexibility & Customization:

  • Cabinets can be customized in size, design, and features.


Enhanced Performance:

  • Improves efficiency and performance of the solar pumping system by maintaining optimal inverter conditions.

Color Touchscreen for Cabinet

Enhanced Visibility: Provides clearer visuals and is easily readable under various light conditions.

Intuitive User Interface: Offers a user-friendly experience with icons and visuals, simplifying system monitoring.

Real-time Monitoring: Displays instant data on solar output and pump performance, enabling fast diagnostics.

Durability & Compatibility: Built to resist external elements like UV rays and dust, and ensures smooth integration with the inverter’s software.

Advanced Graphics & Customizability: Allows visualization of system performance trends and lets users adjust display settings to their preference.

Condiderations when buying Solar Pump Inverter Cabinet


Broad Pump Applications

Drive any tradional electricity water pump 

DC distribution box-380-350

Built-in Reactor

Protect the pump motor 

solar sump water pump

Hybrid function

Solar/Generator/Grid Power Input



Real-time Monitoring
User-friendly interfaces for monitoring and ROI analysis.

MPPT Function

Automatic MPPT for peak performance.


Water Sensor

Dry-run protection by software or sensor

More Than a Solar Pump Inverter Cabinet Manufacturer

At Hober, we are committed to exceeding standard delivery by offering exceptional customer service. We take pride in delivering timely support, adhering to high ISO 9001 standards and IEC test report, and providing quality product to your high level needs. This commitment to excellence has solidified our reputation as a premier manufacturer of inverter.

Model Selection Guide

Uncertain about the ideal inverter model – 100kw /110kw /132kw/160kw/180kw –for your pump? Allow us to steer you toward the power and voltage that harmonizes with your project requirements.

Dedicated Technical Support

Have queries or concerns about our inverter? Reach out. We’re here to help to design system, whether that means addressing inquiries or dispatching an engineer to your project site for hands-on assistance.

Solution Design 

offer free design for solar water pump system solutions, which can be customized to meet the requirements of special projects.

solar water pumping


Provide online training, as well as 24-hour online after-sales service to ensure our customers receive the support they need.

Why Choose Hober Solar Pump Inverter Cabinet ?

Choose Hober’s solar pump cabinet for its unmatched quality and state-of-the-art features. Hailing from a factory with five dedicated production lines, our cabinets guarantee robust protection, advanced thermal management, and an intuitive user interface. Our commitment to the latest technology, swift delivery, flexible MOQ, and exceptional after-sales service positions us uniquely in the market. Trusted by businesses across Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia, Hober is the go-to choice for solar pump inverters that promise longevity and efficiency.

Fast Shipping, Flexible Minimum Order Quantity
One-stop Solar Pump solutions
20+ patents about inverter and pump Technical
OEM/ODM experience 10+ years
Regular technical trainning
High efficient sales team with Professional experienced

Custom Solar Pump Inverter Cabinet for your Specific Needs

Whether you’re considering importing solar pump inverter cabinet for your projects or seeking wholesale distribution in your local market, reach out to us. Contact us to acquire the product that perfectly aligns with your operational requirements.

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