Solar Pond Aerator

Solar Pond Aerator

Model No.:SWAS180

Hober Solar Pond Aerator are a popular method of providing extra dissolved oxygen and increased water flow to your pond or lake can be supplied or installed for simple home use, small or large fisheries, and commercial fish farms

​Hober solar aeration systems are ideal if you have rearing or recreational fish stocks and are off-grid from mains electric supply or don’t want the added cost of running and maintaining generators​

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Application: For breeding industry, water quality improvementParksWeed and algae control.

System Advantages

The system consists of solar modules + compressor + battery + MPPT charger + variable frequency drive controller + control center.
The ideal pond area for this system is 1.5 acres (< 8 mu)


1 acre = 6.07 mu = 4046㎡

1 SCFM = 0.028311m^3/min = 28.311l/min(SCFM: Standard cubic feet per minute)

1 MPa = 145.0326 PSI  0.1Mpa=10 meters water column pressure

Technical Specifications:

  1. MPPT charger controller, max efficiency 98.5%
  2. Brushless & Sensor less 3phase 24V aeration pump
  3. High efficiency Mono panels 265W*2pcs, 85% efficiency guaranteed for 15 years
  4. Fully automatic solar tracking system, wind resistance level up to 10 typhoons
  5. Built-in surge protector, fuse, DC circuit breaker, easy maintenance
  6. Compressor flow >= 55L/min(1.95SCFM) @ 0MPA, >= 45L/min(1.6SCFM) @ 0.2MPA
  7. 16 mm x 40meters airline * 2 pcs
  8. 2 – Self-weighted diffusers
  9. Comprehensive Protections:
    • Solar DC Input Over-Voltage Protection
    • Solar DC Input Anti-reverse Protection 
    • Battery Low Voltage(power)
    • Battery Overvoltage Protection
    • Aeration pump phase lost Protection
    • Aeration pump over current/ short circuit/ block running Protection
    • Over Temperature Protection
    • Charger Overcurrent Protection
    • Charger Overvoltage Protection, etc

10. Optional water-dissolved oxygen sensor, automatic detect and control the water-dissolved oxygen

11. Support 2G remote SMS control, and actively alarm when something wrong with the system (SMS + phone call)

12. Built-in clock unit, two sets of timers be used for timing control

Products Package:

  • SWAS180 Controller  1piece
  • Gel Battery 12v/100A.h  2pcs (optional is 150A.h 200A.h)
  • Battery wire : red 6 m㎡ * 5meters,  black 6 m㎡* 5meters, battery series connection wire 6 m㎡
  • 16 mm x 40meters airline * 2 pcs
  • Self-weighted diffusers * 2 pcs
  • Solar panel 265w mono *2pcs
  • Solar wire : red / black 5meters with mc4 connector
  • Solar Double axes tracking bracket: 1 unit (optional)


  • Solar panels 15years
  • Controller  2years
  • Battery  2 years
  • Airline  2 years
  • Diffuser 2years

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