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Solar Fountain Waterscape

Solar Fountain Waterscape

Solar fountains are an increasingly popular addition to waterscape designs, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits. Utilizing solar technology, these fountains can operate without the need for an electrical connection, offering greater flexibility in installation locations and reducing operational costs.

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Operational Costs:

Electricity Bills: The combined energy use from the pump, lighting, control systems, and potential heating can result in substantial electricity costs, particularly for commercial installations.

Maintenance: Higher energy consumption often correlates with increased wear and tear on electrical components, leading to higher maintenance costs over time.

Environmental Concerns:

Carbon Footprint: High electricity consumption contributes to a larger carbon footprint if the electricity is sourced from fossil fuels.

Sustainability: For businesses and municipalities focused on sustainability, the high energy use of traditional fountains can be a significant drawback.

Why Choose The Solar Powered Water Funtain for Waterscape ?

Environmental Benefits:

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Solar fountains do not rely on fossil fuels, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability: Utilizing renewable energy aligns with corporate social responsibility goals and can be a selling point for eco-conscious clients and stakeholders.

Economic Advantages:

Operational Cost Savings: Solar fountains eliminate the need for electrical power, saving on electricity costs over the life of the installation.

Low Maintenance: These fountains typically require less maintenance than traditional electric fountains, leading to further cost savings.

Design Flexibility:

Ease of Installation: Solar fountains do not require complex wiring or electrical outlets, allowing for more freedom in choosing the installation location.

Modular Design: Many solar-powered fountains are modular, allowing for easier expansion or modification of the waterscape in the future.

Operational Convenience:

Self-Sufficient: Solar fountains can operate autonomously and may include battery backups for nighttime or overcast conditions.

Remote Operation: Advanced models come with features like remote monitoring and control, adding a layer of operational convenience.

Hober Solar Water Supply Soltuions

Cost-Effectiveness: Significant long-term savings on energy costs.

Sustainability: Reduced carbon footprint aligns with corporate sustainability goals.

Reliability: Systems are designed for consistent performance, minimizing downtime.

Custom Solutions: Tailored packages to meet specific industry requirements.



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Blueprint Submit

We will need your building drawing or photo to design Solar Pump System  solution of quantity, and routing online.


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We will help you to select the most economic and effciency solar pump or solar pump inverter meet your requirement.


Technical Training

We will provide remote or local technical training to help you get the Solar Pump System work.


Installation Support

We provide solar pump installation online or on site technical support. we will analyze the cause of the failure through videos and pictures.

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