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  • Pumping of water in for irrigation for drinking water supply in off grid areas.
  • Farmer can cultivate multiple crops throughout the year in off grid areas
  • Save time spent in collecting and transporting water.
  • Lower operating expense compared to diesel pumps
  • Zero emission of green house gases.
  • Reduced load on national grid

Daily water supply, agriculture irrigation, Animal drinking water supply, etc.

Bank TT, Western Union, PayPal, Irrevocable LC at sight, etc.

3-5 days for sample order; 7-15 days for bulk order.

Hober solar DC pump system including:

Non-hybrid solar DC pumping system(200-1500w) : solar panels, solar pump controller and DC pump

Hybrid solar DC pump systems (2200w): solar panels, hybrid solar pump controller and DC pump

Warranty: 1 year for pump, 2 years for solar pumping inverters, 1.5 years for solar pump controller

1), automatically operation

2), hybrid solar/grid or generator input

3), 4G/Wi-Fi remote control by cell-phone or web

4), comprehensive protection function

Solar pumping inverter power>=pump’s power

We provide comprehensive troubleshooting for fast checking and professional engineers to do technical support online.

Regular, solar panel power is configured to 1.5-2 times of pump’s power according to pump’s efficiency and system installation location.

By sea, by air, by courier (UPS/DHL/Aramax/TNT/FedEx), we will recommend fastest and cheapest shipping method based on the product quantities.

The process of agent:  Customer—VIP customer—distributor—sole distributor

Pure solar input inverter (HSPL series): supporting solar power input only

Hybrid input inverter (HSPH series): supporting solar/grid or solar/generator input

1) inquiry (existing pump phase and pump power)

2) quotation

3) send proforma invoice

4) arrange production after received payment

5) arrange delivery

Solar panels, solar pumping inverter, AC pump, pump cable, solar wire, pipe, combiner box, etc

Solar Pumping Systems—The Technology 

Solar AC pump system includes solar panels, solar pump inverter, AC pump.

Solar DC pump system includes solar panels, solar DC pump controller, DC pump.


Solar panels generate DC power, solar pump inverter convert DC power into AC power to drive the AC pump.

Need to provide following information:

1)the depth of well 

2)the vertical and horizontal distance from well to tank

3)water flow liters or cubic meters needs per hour/day

4)have existing pump? Yes/no . If yes, provide pump’s power , voltage , phase 

5)have borehole ? yes/no. If yes, provide the diameter of borehole

Inverter phase and voltage must be match to pump.

Inverter power size recommend a little bigger then pump. 

For example,  3kw pump use 3.7kw inverter, 4kw pump use 5.5kw inverter.

Solar ac pump system solar panel recommend:  AC pump power  x 1.5

Solar DC pump system solar panel recommend :  DC pump power x 1.2

If you have existing AC pump, need the solar pump inverter convert  solar power into ac power to power the ac pump.

If no pump available, recommend DC pump solution, it connect 1-6pcs solar panels only.

It is higher efficiency and affordable.

Small farm recommend dc pump

Big farm recommend ac pump

Water from borehole recommend submersible pump

Water from lake/river recommend surface pump

It drive all types of AC pumps, surface or submersible AC pumps compatible.

Normally, a storage tank is integrated in the design of a solar water pumping system. The storage tank acts as a “battery”. When the sun shines, the tank is filled up, when it is cloudy or dark, water can be used from the tank which is placed at a high point. It is also possible to include a backup generator in a solar water pumping system.

Solar Pumping Systems—The Financial

When you don’t have a grid connection , it normally makes financial sense to install a solar water pump. The average payback period of such a system is 1-3 years in Tanzania. In case you have a reliable grid connection, it normally still makes sense to pump water using solar power, however, the payback period will be slightly longer (2-6 years).

The amount of water you need depends on many factors:

  • The size of the farm
  • The crops you are growing
  • The irrigation system you use (drip irrigation is most efficient)
  • The soil type
  • The climate

Together with the solar water pumping company you select, you can probably make a good calculation. Make sure to already think about future expansion of the farm!

This is much depends on the amount of people (and animals) dependent on the pump. Generally speaking, you can calculate with the following numbers in case of a central water pump:

  • 20 – 50 liters / day per person
  • 30 – 150 liters / day per cow (depends very much on whether they are producing milk or not)
  • 5 – 10 liters / day per goat or sheep

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