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One of The Best Solar Pump supplier-Hober


Higher-level functions

Stricter Quality

Product defects controlled in 1%, include quality or man made problem.

Faster update

Quality improvement never stops, keep updating both software and hardware.

Better protection

Hardware and software double protection to avoid improper operation damage the device.

Longer life

In order to provide the best solar pump, we provide quality accessories to improve product's life span.

Strict quality control

  • Material Test
  • Semi-Finished Product Test
  • Finished Product Test
Capacitance test
Component test
Circuit Board Test
Voltage Test
No-load test
Load test
Aging test

The Advanced Test Equipment

R&D Room
Water Pump Room
Functional Tester

Meet your quality standards

In order to provide the best solar pump, all our products have undergone rigorous testing, so we have full confidence in providing high-quality products. Hober has been well received by many customers.

We welcome any third-party inspections and strive to support your assessment. In addition, no matter what the quality standard of your country is, we are fully confident to achieve it. Of course, we are happy to provide you with relevant certification and test reports.

Need more information?

We provide samples

If you need samples to fully test product performance, we are always ready to make samples for you according to your needs. Our team will try our best to meet all your details to ensure that the product fully meets your needs.

Product Certifications

Test Report
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