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Solar DC Pump (Hybrid)

Solar DC & AC Pumps  2200W

Solar water pumps are specially designed to use solar power efficiently

1. Many useful applications for family or farm: stock watering and drip irrigation which is very effective for a family garden and water supply for cabins and remote houses.

2. Any place water is needed, but no AC power is available.

3. An ideal combination of water and sun that preserves the environment, saves energy.

  • Automatic MPPT Function to Identify the Voc and Vmp of Solar Panel
  • Hybrid Ac input
  • Support Sensorless DC Motor 220V
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Big range well depth from 10-200 m, water flow from 3m3/h to 20m3/h
  • Affordable cost and superior quality
  • Easy installation, just plug and play

Protections Of Pump

Cost-Efficient Water Pumping Solution

Solar Pump Controller + Brushless & Sensorless DC pump.

Voltage Range: 24/36/48/72/96/110/220/300V, Rpm max to 4500,Compared to ac pump Maximum efficiency increase of 40%. 

Helical Rotor: High Head with small flow, max power to 1HP, max head to 170meter deep,  Impeller Pump: High head with big flow, max power to 3hp

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