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What are the possible failures in Solar submersible pumps?

What are the possible failures in Solar submersible pumps?

Is your solar submersible pump acting up, leaving you parched and puzzled? With water becoming an increasingly scarce resource, a hiccup in your solar pumping system can have rippling consequences.

Good news: Understanding the possible defects in a solar submersible pump can not only save your day but also your yield for the season.

So, let’s delve into the nuts and bolts of the common issues and their fixes. Shall we?

Why Does Water Not Pump Up or Flow Minimally?

If you find that water can’t be pumped up or the flow is minimal, you’re not alone. According to Hober Research, this is a widespread problem.

Main Causes:

  • Motor Turns Reversely: Yes, it’s a thing. Your motor might be turning in the opposite direction.
  • Blocked Inlet: Sometimes debris or sediment can block the pump’s inlet.
  • Inlet Pipe Leakage: Nothing sabotages water flow like a leaking inlet pipe.
  • Worn Shaft Coupling: The shaft coupling between the pump and motor may have seen better days.
  • Impeller Wears: The impeller in your pump can wear out, affecting efficiency.
  • Check Valve Jam: Lastly, a jammed check valve can be the culprit.
  • Insufficient Solar Panel Power: Yes, your solar panel might not be generating enough power.
  • Inadequate Solar Panel Working Voltage: Even if the power is adequate, low working voltage can be a bottleneck.


  • Change Cable Position: Swap the positions of the two-phase cables to correct motor rotation.
  • Unblock Inlet: Roll up those sleeves and remove the blockage from the inlet.
  • Leakage Repair: Patch up that leaky inlet pipe.
  • Replace Shaft Coupling: A new shaft coupling can work wonders.
  • Impeller Maintenance: Replace the worn impeller to restore efficiency.
  • Valve Replacement: A new check valve can make all the difference.

Why Does Water Flow Fluctuate Under Normal Mains Supply?

Another issue that Hober Surveys report is frequent fluctuations in water flow despite normal mains supply.

Main Causes:

  • Improper Pump Location: The depth at which your pump is placed can affect water flow.
  • Low Moving Water Level: If the water level is below the pump’s inlet, you’re in for a shaky supply.
  • Excessive Delivery Flow: Sometimes, more isn’t merrier.


  • Depth Adjustment: Re-adjust the pump to an optimal depth in the well.
  • Flow Limitation: Reduce the delivery water flow or reposition your pump.
  • Right Sizing: A pump of the appropriate size is a must-have, not a nice-to-have.


Understanding the potential defects of a solar submersible pump can save you both time and resources. The key is to identify the problem accurately and take corrective measures promptly. After all, your water supply is too important to be left to chance.

Keep pumping the sun!

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